Melbourne Home Show 16-19 August 2018

Tiny Footprint joins the neighbourhood for 4 days

We took along the Fernelea Tiny House to the Melbourne Home Show to join 4 other Tiny neighbours in the ‘Street of Houses’ that was showcased at the show from 16 -19 August 2018. The street was landscaped with turf and trees and with dotted lines down the ‘street’, we saw thousands of people wander our neighbourhood admiring the diverse and interesting tiny structures

Every house had their own street sign and the Fernelea house was one of 2 ‘Tiny Houses on Wheels’ in the street and highlighted disability and aged care needs in a tiny house.

In addition to the Street the RACV had a tiny house showcasing home technology and Elle Paton from Tiny Non Profit spoke on the Seminar Stage.

With recent media attend about Tiny Houses, the street was showcased by the Melbourne Home Show and it was a great idea to place them all together to give visitors a fantastic tiny experience.


There was a lot of interest from attendees in the Fernelea ‘Lift Bed’ as an alternative to a loft bed requiring stairs or a ladder. This come down to sleep at normal bed height at night at the push of a button and you can return it to the ceiling for storage the next morning. 

The cabinetry design is catered to an older resident without awkward handles for cupboards and with special appliances in the bathroom for better mobility meant a number of attendees who had previously though tiny houses were not suited to them due to the common use of a loft found it a much more realistic option. 

Our neighhours: 

Back Row: Peter O’Flynn (Melbourne Home Show); Leon Juffermans (GlamXperience); Glade Gordon (Off Grid Tiny Houses)

Front Row: Elle Paton (Tiny Non Profit); Chloe Gordon (Off Grid Tiny Houses); Chris Wenban (Tiny Footprint); Sandra Juffermans (GlamXperience); Ferne King (Tiny Footprint); Bec Swinton (Nestd); RACV