Living Big in a Tiny House

Living Big in a Tiny House

Bryce Langston visits Merle in the "Fernelea"

There is not much that can improve being in her tiny house for Merle, but we found one thing that could when Bryce Langston came to visit. He interviewed her for his ‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ YouTube series that has a cult following in the tiny house community globally.

Bryce and Rasa (his wonderful partner in all things tiny, who is behind the camera), visited the property and spent a day interviewing and filming Merle, discovering the things she loves about living in her tiny house. Supported by daughter Ferne who designed the house specifically for her being a ‘more mature lady’, she took them on a tour of the features, including the ‘lift bed’ and her bathroom with mobility features. She showed how she relaxes in the all weather veranda, playing with her grand-daughter, crafting and hosting visitors.

Merle loves to extol the virtues of her house and with Bryce’s enthusiastic and relaxed interviewing style, plus having bonded over both being Kiwis, it made for a memorable visit we are sure she will be talking about for a long time.

Bryce’s drone took to the skies to complete filming the tiny house and we are looking forward to seeing the end result after all the hard work Rasa will put into editing.

Thank you Bryce and Rasa, she had a wonderful time hosting you and you know Merle will always welcome you back to her lovely home for a visit.


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  1. This was such an inspiring story that brought me to tears! I myself would love to have a home like this one day… Wow, he did well telling this one, but Bryce always does a great job with his interviews! Is there a way to get help with draft plans drawn up on a Tiny home for myself from your company? I myself have disabilities and live with chronic pain that will only continue to get worse with time. I live in Alabama, USA. Thanks for all your hard work I all you do for others and building such beautiful things!!

    1. Tina

      Thanks for the feedback and in fact at this very moment I am putting together the package of plans for the FerneLea as yes we are just about to start selling the plans! I will add you to the email that will go out on this.

      1. And yes Bryce does a great job. We loved having Bryce and Rasa come and stay and film Merle in her house 🙂

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