The build process takes anywhere from 1 week to 12 weeks effort depending on the design and to what stage of build you require. There is a lead time for a purpose built trailer of approx. 8 to 10 weeks.


The Process


Duration : As long as you need this to be.  We will assist in suggestions and providing latest research of Tiny living spaces and best use of space.  Also we draw out your wants and needs.

Remember with a Tiny you can typically have those one off features you have dreamed of but have always been out of your reach as in a typical home renovation or build if you wished to have a spectacular stained glass window or a fabulous bi fold door or some other item that signifies ‘your touch’ these are quite often ruled out as you need to have 3 of them or such like.  But with a Tiny you can quite often encapsulate those little things you wished for .. because in a Tiny you only need ‘one of’ versus multiple


Order the Trailer

Duration : 8 to 10 week lead time.  Ordered post a time where you are absolutely certain on your size / dimension and weight.  We can order while we finalise design detail.  Trailers are 2.4m wide, either with two or three axles (4 tyres or 6 tyres), rated to 3.5 or 4.5 tonne, the length is dependent on your design with the longest being 7.1m long.

The trailers we order are provided to you at cost, road worthy, registered in the State you will reside in in your name. They come with breaks, lights and a full specification and importantly the base is fully sealed and special allowances for framework and stabilisation arms.

Order or source materials

Duration : As long as you need this to be. The scope of who sources what will determine the timeline. And this varies with every build.  The question you need to answer in the design activity is to what stage do you wish to take possession of the “Tiny”.

Do you wish to finish any of the fitout yourself or do you wish us to do.  Do you wish us to source all material or a hybrid of some for us to source and some for you to source.   There are some materials we recommend to have sourced and have taken order of prior to commencing the frame and build.  

The Physical Build

Duration : anywhere from 1 week to 12 weeks depending on at what stage you wish to take possession, and the design complexity of the Tiny. 

For a non complex Tiny design from start of build to finish inclusive of fitout and decoration would typically take an average of 6 to 8 weeks.  Again, depending on what stage you wish to take completion.  Some people want to paint themselves, others wish it to be done prior to possession.


We offer an interior decorating service which is discussed at the design phase.  Again whether this be a 100% decoration, advice, purchase and placement or partial a partial service.    This also includes if you wish to have any specific sign writing on the exterior of the home to further personalise it for you or inside.


We can organise transportation of the Tiny to its next destination post completion and even set it up for you if you wish (stabilisers, water tank, gas bottles, solar panel, grey water etc etc)  or you can rock up, hook it on and we hand the keys over and away you go. 

You will need to have checked the tow ratio of your vehicle, breaks and lights suitable for towing.  Again we would go thru this with you to assist you in making the right decision for you.

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