At Tiny Footprint Pty Ltd we provide a wide range of tiny house services. We focus on beauty, safety, quality and passionate conversation. We are woman who listen to what it is you need. Functionality is our speciality.

We and our family are tiny house dwellers, we know first hand the journey and experience. We have travelled the world researching trends, challenges and opportunities. We engage a qualified builder and specialist tiny house draftsman.

Tiny Footprint will enable your dreams to become a reality on trailers or skids from 5m x 2.5m to 12m x 3.5 or on foundations.

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At Tiny Footprint we want to make your tiny house dreams become a reality.

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Welcome to
Tiny Footprint

Beauty, safety, quality and functionality are our speciality. We understand your journey, an owner of Tiny Footprint is a tiny house dweller, the mother of the other owner, who manages the designs, dwells in a tiny at the mature age of 82. We know what it takes to prepare, design, build and dwell in a tiny house. We have travelled the world talking to individuals, couples and families who dwell and build. Tiny Footprint Pty Ltd is an entrepreneur company involved in many services and affiliations in the tiny house sector.

We are the best company to enable your personalised design become a reality. We build tiny homes on trailers or skids minimum 5m x 2.5m maximum 12m x 3.5. We get inside of the design that is bubbling away in your head and bring it to life.

Our Designs and Builds

Our tiny constructions meet building standards and are durable, lasting the distance of time. We will not promise more than we can deliver, and we will deliver what we promise.

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Sourcing information and articles from around the world on all things Tiny, and providing advice and guidance on any area relating to your Tiny dream or journey.

We offer a unique proposition in that we are two professional woman, we have travelled wide and far, we have had the ups and downs and significant challenges life throws.

We can facilitate any design services your wish. Whether you have a picture, a rough idea of what you want or if you have downloaded a design from the Web.


who we are

Tiny Footprint was created in 2017 after two close work colleagues were inspired by a TV series on tiny homes. Within the hour a mutual dream turned into a plan to build their first tiny house for Chris!

Tiny Footprint are two women who have worked on solutions for complex business problems and have both dreamt of turning their energies to something more personal.

Combining experience in designing and building houses, project management and a network of family and friends in the building trade they are in a perfect place to bring your tiny dreams into reality.

Chris and Ferne’s passion for loving life, living tiny to its fullest and caring for the environment and helping others achieve their dreams using the principles of living tiny are driving them on this journey.


Please feel free to drop us a line if you have more questions:

Are you a registered builder?

Tiny Footprint Pty Ltd does not hold a license, though we manage and oversee a builder who is registered with Master Builders Association. All of the tradespeople we use are certified and licensed to sign off their work; Electrician and Plumber. We guarantee we only use qualified tradies.

Can your Tiny Houses be insured?

Yes. There are more and more companies now insuring Tiny Homes under certain circumstances.

Can you build to any design?

Yes, as long as we consider if on wheels it needs to comply with road regulations if not on wheels then to building code. But give us a design and we will work with you to bring it to life.

What products and services do you offer?

End to End Services; from consultation, design , build, fitout, interior design, transport, set up and optional also to enquire and manage your local council prior any commitments made. Or partial services to any of the above items.

How much do they cost?

It all comes down to your needs and design. With a trailer, without a trailer, on the back of a truck or free stand? Off grid or on grid or enables both. Plumbing or dry construct. Simple roof line or complex, loft or no, external veranda and fire pit. The scope is endless. You can assume anything from 20K through to top end luxury of 200k+ .

What is the process to receive a quote?

Contact us via email to arrange a 2 hour consult. Either face to face, on skype or over the phone. This will qualify your needs and then you would receive a quote within 10 days.

Can you deliver the tiny house

Yes, we can organise transport and if you need set up at site.

Can you build if I live outside of Victoria or in a remote area ?

Yes, we would register the trailer in the state it would eventually reside first. Then thru the design process organise with you live cam or regular skype sessions or photos so you can assess progress. We send weekly updates on progress of your build.

Can I come and see an example of a tiny house?

Yes, we have one in Victoria, just north of Melbourne, that is available for viewing by arrangement as well as short term stays on acerage.

Can I stay in a tiny house to see what it is like?

Yes, absolutely, contact us to arrange.

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We are ready to help you achieve your tiny dreams!

We also love to show other tiny house builds.

If you would like to submit a tiny house to be shown on Tiny Footprint, please include a link to your website and a description of the tiny house in the message section below.

We provide these photos and links for reference only and to share the living tiny dream.


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