Tiny Footprint was created in 2017 after two close work colleagues were inspired by a TV series on tiny homes. Within the hour a mutual dream turned into a plan to build their first tiny house for Chris!

Tiny Footprint are two women who have worked on solutions for complex business problems and have both dreamt of turning their energies to something more personal.

Combining experience in designing and building houses, project management and a network of family and friends in the building trade they are in a perfect place to bring your tiny dreams into reality.

Chris and Ferne’s passion for loving life, living tiny to its fullest and caring for the environment and helping others achieve their dreams using the principles of living tiny are driving them on this journey. At Tiny Footprint Chris and Ferne want to make their clients’ and their own dreams become a reality.

For them this dream includes providing work for their local trades, working to produce something they are proud of and creating an income from helping others in a meaningful way.

They want to create structures that are kinder to the environment and enable people to live with a smaller footprint. They wish to work with people who are interested in all things ‘tiny’. From tiny homes to cubby houses, providing quality homes you can happily live in long term, to short term stay experiences to supplement your income. From providing extra accommodation for your family, to creating an environment to enjoy your lives. Nothing is too complex or too simple and all things tiny will comply with building standards


Ferne is grateful for a fulfilling professional and personal life thus far – with lots more to come. She is in a position to apply her passions to help and enable others achieving “loving life, living tiny”.


Chris loves all things tiny and has embraced the minimalist concepts. She is focusing on packing as much family, friends and adventure as she can into life.

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We also love to show other tiny house builds.

If you would like to submit a tiny house to be shown on Tiny Footprint, please include a link to your website and a description of the tiny house in the message section below.

We provide these photos and links for reference only and to share the living tiny dream.


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