Clean, cool, filtered water straight from the atmosphere

Multi-Gen ‘Water from Air’ machines

After seeing the MultiGen Solutions machines at the Polkadot festival in Noosa in 2018, Tiny Footprint have partnered with MultiGen Solutions to become a Victorian dealer and re-seller of the machines.

We have been using one of the WES30 machines over the summer and love the cool water it produces. Especially in a rural area using tank water and where water usage is always a topic of conversation around the BBQ on a Friday night, it is great to be able to produce your own water!

If you are interested in one of the machines in Victoria, let us know and we can talk to you about our experience with these great little machines.

For more detailed information Click Here and also go to the MultiGen website here to understand the amazing work they our doing at an industrial level to bring both water and food to many parts of the world with their advanced technology!