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Shepherds Huts

Contemporary Shepherds Huts

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Location : Suffolk, United Kingdom

Quality craftsmanship with bespoke design

Their Story :   I’m 29 and I grew up in rural Suffolk, where I worked weekends and holidays in my fathers foundry, casting bronze sculptures using the lost wax process.  This is where I developed my love of making things and working with my hands.

After studying human sciences at Sussex University I returned to more manual skills and spent some years renovating listed buildings.  After learning a lot and making many mistakes I decided to build a micro home for myself and discovered that there was a growing market for them in the UK and abroad.

My influences have always been dilapidated cabins, barns and shacks that fill the countryside near where I live, and I’ve always wanted to reflect their charm in my work.

This has translated to features like the sharp pitch on my cabins, mimicking the 50 degree pitch needed when thatch was a common material.  And the use of corrugated steel and galvanised metal which I then age.

It was also really important to me that the building wouldn’t feel cramped inside like so many micro homes. Which is why the skylight and glazed gable end are so important to the feel of the building, connecting the building to the outside and providing light.

The interior reflects my love of Scandinavian interior design, with simple uncluttered lines, interrupted by specific features, like the rusted steel bathroom door, or the zinc-lined shower.

Enjoy your Tiny Living Journey – Thomas Alabaster.