Tiny Footprint launch a children’s book​

The Tiny House movement has found many followers amongst adults who see advantages in ‘living tiny’ from an affordability, sustainability and lifestyle perspective. Many children are drawn to the small spaces, beautiful design and storybook quality of tiny houses.

To reach out to children and support their education in sustainability themes such as recycling, environmental awareness and using less resources, and themes such as valuing friends, family and the community, Tiny Footprint has decided to support a series of books based on the Tiny House movement.

The first book introduces Rosie and Ted and four Tiny House Builders called the Super Greens, who help Rosie and Ted in their task of building a Tiny House on Wheels for Ted. The Super Green characters all have roles to undertake and traits that help them with this. There are learning themes throughout the books, and the Super Greens motto of ‘with respect and love, we will pull through’ helps them through the difficult task of working together to bring their strengths to bear.

The books explains each Super Green character and their traits and engages the children through illustrations. At the end of the book there is a explanation for parents, guardians and educators on the themes of the book as well as a QR code to scan to access more information.

      Illustrator – Bunji Spillard

Bunji Spillard is a Melbourne based indigenous artist who is a carpenter by trade. She has learned her art skills from the amazing elders in her life and utilizes those teachings to fuel her paintings and drawings. She also enjoys working with wood and expressing her artistic talents through carving.

Author – Blaire Simpson

Blaire Simpson grew up in Diamond Creek, Victoria and is qualified in primary school and early childhood education.  She worked in education for six years, with a varied demographic of children from four to six years old. She has a passion for engaging with children and has read hundreds of stories to children during her time as a teacher. She has been working for the one family as a nanny since 2013 which has also enabled her to travel overseas, often interacting and reading stories with young children new to English.

Blaire and Bunji, have known each other since they were 12 years old and they have enjoyed the opportunity to work together and combine their knowledge and skills to write and illustrate this story together.

Blaire shares her work as a nanny with working with Ferne and Chris at Tiny Footprint, a tiny house building company. This presented her with the opportunity to write a series of children’s stories based around the themes common in the tiny house movement. With Blaire’s understanding of engaging children, Bunji’s artistic skills and Tiny Footprint’s love of encouraging a smaller footprint on the earth, their vision is to engage little people in living more sustainably.

To buy the books in Australia Click Here to go to Vivid Publishing

The eBook is available through a number of different platforms including  Google Play , Amazon KindleBarnes & Noble,  Kobo and by searching in iBookstore